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The London branch Committee consists of no more than 16 members and are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is held on or before the 30th April every year. The Committee meets at least 6 times a year and at the first meeting after the AGM, they elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Branch Secretary, Branch Deputy Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer. The Committee may co-opt additional members for a specific purpose and do so occasionally.

The AGM has the option of electing a President and a Vice President as ex-officio members of the Committee without right to move to a motion or vote on any matter. Such appointees continue to serve until either they or the AGM decide to terminate their terms of office.


The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Rose Dick, CBE, QPM and the Commissioner of the City of London Police, Ian Dyson, QPM, are our joint patrons. They are always welcome to attend both our Annual General Meeting and Committee meetings. Currently both have shown, and continue to show, considerable interest in our activities.


The current branch president is George Taylor. George is one of the longest serving members of London Branch of NARPO and continues, as president, to be our ‘Elder Statesman’.

George has always been a great source of advice and influence to the committee in the transition towards the more modern organisation we believe we are today.

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Contact us London NARPO does not provide a 24 hour emergency service.

T: 0203 151 1212 E:
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Answer phone is available out of hours.

Whilst the office is routinely manned by Judy and Neil, if they cannot pick up the phone for some reason you will be answered by a receptionist who will be happy to take a message and pass it on – we know you would rather speak to a person than a machine!!